P P U H ”Emocja” Zbigniew Motyl

Producent biżuterii oraz kosmetyków z bursztynu - sprzedaż hurtowa i dystrybucja

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About Us

PPUH Emocja was founded in 1991. We produce jewelry, gifts and souvenirs on the basis of amber, amber processing, product, wholesale and distribution. The basis of our production are articles based only on Baltic amber, which is confirmed by certificates of the National Chamber of Amber, of which we are members.

We have got polish and foreign customers.

Our company offer a range of amber jewelry (necklaces and bracelets), jewelry (silver and amber), and also ships from amber, pictures, tinctures, trees and amber jewelry with semi-precious stones and artificial.

The most intense period of our work are the months from March to September. At this time, we supply our customers all over the coastal area and beyond.

This is due to the seasonal sale of our customers. Our suppliers reach clients in person. We also sell in our office, or by mail order.

We guarantee a reliable, high quality products and services and offer competitive prices.

We invite to take advantage of our offer.


    P P U H ”Emocja” Zbigniew Motyl

    ul. Koszalińska 6

    76-031 Mścice

    NIP 669 197 77 97

    woj. Zachodniopomorskie

    Zbigniew Motyl

    (+48) 603 762 148

    Aneta Laskowska

    (+48) 786 86 76 70